Presenting about HIV networks and social work in Beijing

Presenting about HIV policy advocacy networks and social work in Beijing, China. May 2010. Photo Credit: Morgan Wujkowski

I’m a recent master degree student in the School of Social Work (SSW) and the School of Public Health (SPH) at the University of Michigan (U-M). I studied Community Organization in the SSW and Health Behavior and Health Education in the SPH.  My work in the field of HIV began in 2004, when I facilitated the HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) section of Project Community, a community service-learning sociology course, while an undergraduate student at U-M. I have been a state-certified HIV test counselor since 2006, and have done HIV testing throughout southeastern Michigan.

Training youth peer educators about how one’s identity may play a role in HIV education. Lima (Pachacutec), Peru. July 2009.

I’m an active member of the Campaign to End AIDS’ Youth Caucus, helping to plan their annual youth AIDS activist training, the Youth Action Institute, for the third time in 2011 – and I was integral in bringing it to Detroit this year.  I was the campus chair of the World AIDS Week Committee from 2007-2010, and was the AmeriCorps National AIDS Fund – Team Detroit Team Coordinator during my first year of graduate school.

In addition to my work in the US, I’ve worked at Vía Libre in Lima, Peru and with the Aizhixing Institute in Beijing, China. I also served as a Student Associate of the U-M Center for Global Health, as well as a member of the student organizations La Salud and the Latin@ Social Work Coalition.

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